Navigating the space between what was...and what will be.
Leaving what you know behind and prepare to meet new conditions and goals. This is the space where we thrive.
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A Hybrid Agency found on the vision of delivering impactful digital projects.
Sustainable business through digital transformation
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Who we are

Liminal Discovery is a strategic partner that provides expertise, guidance and support to empower business leaders and organisations that want to transform, innovate and grow a business sustainably using digital technology.

We work as a hybrid agency with tailor-made teams of specialists with extensive experience.


Our Service Areas

When people and organisations move with a clear purpose they can achieve high-reaching goals and accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Ideation and innovation sprints lay open new business opportunities

The development and implementation of digital services and products is a core component in any organisation’s digital transformation.

The key to growth and success while working with digital services is to continuously measure the performance of and the feedback from new services.

Using one partner to supply everything needed to create a workable solution through all stages reduces the risks of communication errors and time-consuming handovers to other suppliers.

Why us?

Moving fast

We work with an agile mindset, in short sprints and with focus set on outcomes over artifacts.


Our network of highly experienced digital service experts, many with more than 15 years of delivering change, innovation and results within their domains.


A genuine, trusting partnership mentality. Owning the challenge and sharing the moral responsibility of the outcome.

Sweet spot finders

Flexible and scalable – the right team for the scope to an efficient budget.

What do our clients say?

Reference Cases

Electrolux Case study: Innovation Roadmap - Collaboration and Reporting tool

What our clients have in common

Our clients realize the urgency to manage the impact that global macro shifts have on their businesses. Changes are happening fast and they are seeking to transition into a Sustainable Business.

Their goal is growth through a successful and true digital transformation, offering an exceptional brand and customer experience.

They are in need of a clear path ahead; a purpose-aligned vision to lead the way long-term, strategies to support them, and a roadmap that reflects prioritized digital initiatives and making them a reality.


Providing guidance through the unknown

[ lim-uhnal-i-teenoun

The space between what was and what will be.

Navigating transformation is a lot like diving into unknown waters. Leaving what you know behind and preparing to meet new conditions and goals. Operating in the threshold space in between the familiar and the new is our specialty.Yours is your business.

We’ll work together with you to develop a digital strategy that can keep up with rapid change as we explore where digital technology may take you. Then we’ll help you see it through.

Meet some of our team members

We tailor our team for each project by carefully selecting individuals from our network with the specific skills and expertise required for the unique project at hand.


We believe that partnerships are key to delivering ambitious transformational projects, which is why we have created an ecosystem of partners who share our values and complement our expertise

You can’t do it alone, so stop pretending you can
─ Simon Sinek

Press Releases

Liminal Discovery Board - BCN 2024
Liminal Discovery forms new board

Ever since we started Liminal Discovery five years ago, we have been rigorous about the now. We preach presence. We worship attention to detail. If you are working with us – you have our full attention.

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