Ever since we started Liminal Discovery four years ago, we have been rigorous about the now. We preach presence. We worship attention to detail. If you are working with us – you have our full attention.

At the same time, we need to understand what is coming, to the level of seeing around corners. Not only for ourselves, but for our clients. And therefore, Liminal Discovery is proud to announce a whole new board of directors, effective immediately. 

Liminal Discovery Board - BCN 2024

This picture of the board and CEO Michael Eriksson was taken in a gorgeous village between Barcelona and Tarragona a few weeks ago, when we brought the team together for long and late talks about where we are, and most of all where we are going.
We hope to see you on that road! 

Camilla Sunner

has accepted to take the role as chair. 

Pernilla Johansson

is a designer by heart, a developer of people and ideas.  

Andreas Ekström

is an author, a speaker and a digital analyst. 

Liminal Discovery takes on technical and organisational challenges for clients that need solid advancements and innovations in the digital field. Founder Michael Eriksson is determined to lead a company that combines the expertise of an agency, consultancy, and network. Liminal Discoveries is no longer a startup, but a scale-up, with a mission to understand the purpose of their client’s business, how it can be successful in an uncertain economy, and deliver the digital transformative solutions that make it possible. 

Michael comments the appointment of the new board:

“To ensure we expand with the expertise and capabilities needed to serve our clients, while maintaining a healthy business, the advice from a trusted board is essential. The impressive experience and perspectives represented on the board spans the world of top management consulting, global enterprise C-level leadership and world renown societal trend analysis. This impressive board will ensure we are aligned with the future needs of our clients.” 

Liminal Discovery also has an overarching purpose to apply our digital expertise towards supporting clients to be part of the global shift to a sustainable economy, making ESG part of their way of seeing the world. The company’s focus is guiding businesses to transform to sustainable business models through their digital transformation in an uncertain and constantly evolving landscape that is today’s marketplace.