AI at Work: A survey on navigating the Uncharted Waters of AI Integration and Adoption


Are employees navigating the AI landscape without a compass, figuring out how to use AI responsibly and manage potential risks on their own? How can organizations step up to address these challenges and foster an environment conducive to responsible AI adoption?

At Liminal Discovery, we wanted to learn more about this, so in collaboration with the Centre for Organisational Creativity, we conducted a survey to explore the intricate relationship between companies and their employees in the realm of AI-driven productivity services.

In the past year, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of AI technologies like ChatGPT, opening up a world of possibilities for innovation and creativity in its applications. Our survey serves as a mirror, reflecting the multifaceted dynamics of AI integration within organizations and inviting you to ponder upon them.

Survey Overview

Spanning two weeks, our survey reached diverse corners, engaging with 417 respondents, predominantly from Europe and North America. The survey, distributed through various platforms, is designed to provoke thoughts and reflections on the current landscape, policy frameworks, employee perspectives, and the desired support for AI integration within organizations.

Reflective Questions

As we delve into the core of our findings, we pose several reflective questions aimed at sparking introspection and dialogue:

  • Knowledge Gap: How profound is the knowledge gap about AI among the respondents?
  • Current Policies: Are organizations operating with clear AI policies, or is there a discernible void in governance frameworks?
  • Anticipated Policy Changes: Is there clarity and consensus on the trajectory of future policy developments, or is the air thick with uncertainty?
  • Emotional Responses: How are the emotional responses to AI’s impact on work stratified across organizational hierarchies?
  • Desired Support: What are the pivotal forms of support identified as top priorities for employee support in AI integration?

Addressing the Major Misalignment

So, we’ve unearthed some intriguing insights about the convergence of the knowledge gap, inadequate policy frameworks, and uncertain future changes. It’s like navigating a labyrinth without a map! How can we, as a collective of innovative minds, step up to the plate and address these challenges to foster an environment conducive to responsible AI adoption?

Not everyone is enthusiastic

Here’s a thought for all the managers and leaders out there: our survey highlights some significant emotional and enthusiasm gaps between managerial and non-managerial staff. It’s time to ponder, is the wave of optimism about AI at work exclusive to the managerial echelon? And how does the level of concern about AI integration dance between these two groups?

Addressing the Gaps

The echoes from our survey are clear; it’s time for a collective introspection. We need to cultivate a culture of openness and engagement and ensure a cohesive and optimistic approach to AI adoption. It’s all about anchoring in the fundamental human needs of safety and optimism to sail smoothly towards successful AI integration. How can we set the sails right and navigate through these uncharted waters?

The Role of Policies and Governance

The absence of clear AI policies in a myriad of organizations is a wake-up call! It’s high time we establish robust governance frameworks. Clear, crystalline guidelines can be our guiding star, leading the way through the complexities of AI adoption and enabling informed decisions. How can we light up the path and make the journey less daunting?

What about training and Support?

The survey rings the alarm bells louder than ever! A substantial number of respondents are revealing limited knowledge about AI. The need for comprehensive training programs is now more pressing than ever. How can we build the bridges to cross the knowledge chasm and empower every mind in the organization?


The journey through the democratization of AI technology has opened new doors of innovation and creativity in its application. But let’s be real, the journey to successful AI integration is like walking a tightrope, laden with challenges. The reflective questions posed by our survey are an open invitation for organizations to navigate these challenges by fostering a nurturing work environment, providing comprehensive training, and developing robust policies and guidelines. By embracing these strategies, we can successfully traverse the labyrinth of AI adoption and ensure a cohesive and optimistic approach to leveraging AI technologies in the workplace. Our survey uncovers and questions the convergence of the knowledge gap, inadequate policy frameworks, and uncertain future changes.

Note: For those who wish to journey deeper into the findings and insights, you can download the full report here.