A word from the founder and CEO​

Founding Liminal Discovery, I sought to collaborate with clients, partners and colleagues who shared my values, especially people with the purpose of supporting and advancing the shift to a sustainable economy.

I’m confident that sustainable business models are a requirement for success, not a sacrifice of opportunities or profit. You don’t have to choose between profit and sustainability; you just need to understand where your organization is a significant agent of change and where you make a difference, not just noise.

In many ways, the transformation to a sustainable business is similar to a digital transformation, and that is why they are such an opportunity to act as catalysts for each other.

In my experience, many transformation projects fail despite doing so many of the right things. My conclusion is that achieving success requires having a higher purpose that permeates every agenda in the organization. Creating a clear path ahead is much easier if the purpose is understood and shared by everyone and every action is derived from it.

Daring to fail forward is starting to become a cliché expression, but working with opportunity management, not only risk management is also still highly relevant for ultimate success. The real masters of their field know what rules to break and when to do it. It’s about re-inventing and re-imagining the business for the best customer experience.

Our partner network is an important part of our business, not only for expert resources contribution to projects. They are a part of the vision we’re building towards: To drive Digital and ESG innovation via our platform for our expanding network of client and partner companies, founders/start-ups and investors, creating opportunities for better business for all stakeholders.